Down to Earth - 2015 envisages bringing some of the most distinguished scientists, industry experts and scholars, government and administrative authorities handling environment-related portfolios, eco-entrepreneurs who have pioneered successful alternative communities, and also students from the top educational institutions to unearth deeper aspects of the problem of environment crisis and arrive at a sustainable, well-rounded solution that goes beyond temporary, superficial or patchwork adjustments.

The conference would cover the following topics:

  • Inculcating Environmental accountability - What ails humanity and its leadership?
  • How does an Indian stand poised to face this crisis, vis-a-vis the rest of the world?
  • Answering the next generation - The legacy that we are handing over.
  • Bringing in climate justice through more earthy endeavors and reorganization.
  • Economy and Environment in the 21st Century.

The Culturally Engineered Economies - 2015 would bring together students, entrepreneurs and leaders from the field of business, education, environment, governments and faith-based groups with the aim of promoting ethical and community oriented business practices through in-depth discussions and presentations.





The conference would cover the following topics:

  • Economic Growth - Harmonizing personal and collective progress
  • Economy and Environment in the 21st century
  • When enough is Enough - The ethical side of wealth creation
  • Understanding organizational ethics and its role in solving the problems of society
  • The Yoga of Business - A traditional view of responsibility
  • Can spiritual values contribute to organizational performance?

Inspired and spiritually mentored by HH Bhakti Vinoda Swami

Executive Committee:

Madhav Mohan (Chairman)
U V Krishna Mohan Rao
Yudhistir Govinda Das (Organizing Secretary)
Dileep Narayanan
Adv. Anand
Dr. Vinod Nair
Suresh Shenoy